There are 3 types of people in this world; those that watch what's happening, those that ask what's happening, and those that make things happen.

Creative Giving

It's not about me, it's about Us!

Hi, I'm Eric Andersen, and although I'm only one person, I have a goal to change the world. My plan is not to spend 20hrs/day, 7days/wk shouting from the roof tops and pleading with world leaders to make this world a better place. Instead, my plan is to complete 1 simple, 15 minute task each month, and to combine that simple action with the actions of thousands of you. Please join me in creating a "Monthly Action Army" that will change the world through nothing more than small monthly actions.

-The wise words of "Big D"

Be a part of a group that literally changes the world for someone every single month. See how a small action from a large army of people can change the way someone feels or lives their life. Every month we will feature a family/individual that needs actual help. The 15 minutes you donate will be the world of difference for them.

Join the "Monthly Action Army"